John Petre - Construction Photos

Weight and Balance Program (DownLoad File)

John Petrie is just one of several KIS builders in South Africa. He is well along on his TR-4 KIS Cruiser project as can be seen from the these photos.

As can be seen from the photo on the right, John has had some problems determining which end is up but is receiving expert advice from a young aeronutical engineer who seems determined to make sure he gets it RIGHT!  They grow them young down there.  :-)

 John has also gone one step further and has designed a couple of modifications which will definately be included in my own project.  

I hope these are of interest to the rest of the guys and gals.

John Petrie

Engine And Cowling

Electric Flap Control

Engine Mount

Wing Tip / Landing Light Lenses

Instrument Panel and Controls

Nose Gear Mods

Rudder Pedals

Overhead Console

Wheel Pants


A Sorry Sight (John's Words) - The sad result of an engine failure...It will fly again though.

John Petre First Flight - TR-4 Builder in South Africa