Dave Tate - TR-4 #4052 Construction Photos

Dave , who lives in Ohio, bought his KIS Cruiser kit early in 1998 and started construction not long after the snow melted.  His progress, as can be seen by the following photos, has been remarkable.   (There are advantages to retirement.)   He has already closed out both wings, completed and mounted the horizontal stabilizer, and closed out the vertical stabilizer. It's on the gear already and progress on the inside has progressed quite well too.  

At the rate Dave is going, this next summer should see yet another Cruiser nearing completion.  The only thing that will keep Dave from finishing is that he and his wife Bev are snow birds who spend 3 - 4 months of the year traveling the warmer regions in their motorhome.  They just spent an afternoon and evening with us recently and I was totally ashamed at my progress compared to his.  There are really some advantages to being retired and having a bit more time to work on the important things like building.

Congratulations Dave, it's looking great!

Latest Status Photo:

Horizontal/Vertical Stabilizer & Rudder

Wing & Misc

Fuselage / Interior

Firewall Forward - Engine & Firewall

Firewall Backward - Inside and Panel

Windscreen & Doors