Rudder Pedals - 1 - Something Different

My First attempt at custom rudder pedals.

I fabricated new rudder pedals from lengths of 3" by 2" aluminum angle and 1" by 1" angle.  These were cut and shapped to the desired size and riveted together.  The holes are for reducing the weight.  I will be having the steel framework powder coated before final installation.


I tried out the first set of rudder pedals shown above and didn't like lack of a positive feedback when on the brakes.  I saw the above Plastic Pedal in the Aircraft Spruce Catalog and decided to give them a try.  I fabricated my own backer plate and mounting from simple flat and angle aluminum.  These are a lot heavier that those provided with the kit but I feel much better about them and how they will holdup over time and use.  Note that the mount for the brake cylinder is a double bracket with a brass bushing.  I feel that this will prevent the eventual twisting and wearing out of the mounts.  They have a nice solid feel, are easy to work with those big shoes, and look good too.

The Rudder Pedal assembly has
been powder coated.

Rudder return springs are attached
to firewall.

Mounting block was redesigned to
provide for dual mount for brakes.

The center mounting points were
also redone.

The redesigned pedals have now been
mounted.  Look pretty good too.

The framework for the center console
is being installed along with cables.

How they look with instrument panel
in place.