Lyle Hendricks has produced these great looking retractable steps for the KIS Cruiser.

There are still a handful of steps not spoken for. If anyone wishes to order
a set please contact me via e mail at

The steps are $278.00 plus $10.75 shipping if prepaid, or I can send them COD for an additional $5.00.

Lyle Hendricks
Hendricks Mfg., Inc.
28130 Ave Crocker #308
Valencia, CA 91355

Ph. 661-294-7935
Fx. 661-294-7936

The kit received from Hendricks is shown above with a photo of extended step.
The frame for the step was mounted on the face of a 3/4 inch plywood board
that was bonded to the fron of the bulkhead.  This was done to move the step
forward and clear of the bulkhead as well as to a better position on the wind root.
The above photos show the process of filling around the opening for the step.  
Since the step is positioned within the flaired portion of the wing, the step must
be filled on the bottom and around it for producing a good seal.  I also added
some fill to the side of the step to form a taper.  This should provide for a more
seal when the step is retracted.  The fill process will need to be ground down
once everything is filled in.