OC Baker - TR-1 Construction Photos

Note:  OC Baker is building a TR-1 but the following photos show construction details I felt would be of general interest to everyone.  The Rudder return spring mounting and the access cover details should be of particular interest.  I must also appologize for the quality loss on these photos.  They were transmitted as very high quality GIF photos inbeded in a Word document.  For some reason, conversion of these photos lost a lot of detail quality.  (Bob Reed)

OC Baker holding up his access panel that he described on kisbuilders some time ago, that mounts from the inside, to use you insert diagonally, then pull tight with the center screw (not shown), and fasten the other screws. Makes for a neat installation

Holding his motor mount on the firewall mockup. He will trial fit all firewall penetrations here before drilling on the real firewall. You can also see the "training" wheels that he has referred to on the landing gear.
Brake pedal modification for more ruggedness and leverage, note the adjustment links fabricated out of Aluminum, also the spring retention rod on the firewall.
Fiberlass flanges with push-over clips for the retaining bolts for a center console extension, allow some tolerance for misalignment when installing.

Sanding tools for feathering the epoxy filler. The long one is a "marine feather board". The "wood plane" has sandpaper on it’s sole.

Detail of cross-over in his plane. The cross-over rod is fabricated with proper ends. I like this better than the aluminum rod supplied with the 4-place.

Upgraded TR-1 Nose Gear Assembly