Pilot / Co-Pilot Seat

Initial positioning of the Pilots Seat
Trying the seat with temporary connection to rails to determine the best location for mounting points.
With the seat in the basic position, the seat back will lay back completely or flip forward for entry to the rear seat.
The full rear to full forward position shows several inches of available adjustment of the seat bottom.  For tall pilots the seat lays back for additional headroom.

The next series will show the seat back bulkhead and the final mountings for the seat rails and seat.  The seats work rather well but I am still a bit concerned about the weight factor.  I will be removing all the current fabric and foam and replacing with Confor Foam and hopefully leather coverings.  That will be a whole section in itself.

Giving Them A Try

And lastly, my wife caught me with a funny grin on my face and making strange sounds while testing the final product.  I think they are going to work just fine as long as the plane doesn't make the same strange sounds.