Marco Tassi - TR-4 Builder in Italy

For completion photos of this plane click here - Marco Tassi

Dear Kisbuilders,

I introduce myself only now thanks to my cousin who will translate my italian into english... You will wonder how I could read the manuals, and then built the kit 4033, well simply spending 1000$ more than you to have the manual translated into my language! Despite this I could follow step by step your experiences, and I have to congratulate all of you for the great results.

Hereafter I show you some pictures of my Kis tr4, which I will name I-GISY in honour of my patiente wife! I have only few pictures due to the limited space in my lab. You can see the engine: Lycoming IO320 B1A (here in italy gasoline is quite expensive!) and the carbon canopy. You can also see the the 'jigs', which I obtained from the canopy of the kit. It was hard, but for the engine with injection fuel they represent an interesting modification. As you might notice, they've been shaped for a prop-extention of 8 inches. The result is very light and aerodynamical!

I will post more photos as soon as I will have more space in the lab.

Thank you for now, and please contact me for any question, I will try to answer.


Marco Tassi

More Photos showing Cowling and Cowling Mold.