Landing Lights

I decided to use high intensity auto accessory lights for my landing lights.  These have a combination of high and low beams which should work very well as landing and taxi lights.

The opening for the landing light has been cut.  The leading edge material was retained and the plan is to use that material to build the mounting for the landing light lense.  
I cut cut an opening in the leading wing spar for insertion of a nut plate made from phenolic block.  This was bonded into place with adhesive.
Since the material remove from the leading edge was the exact shape that was needed for forming the mounting of the lense, I cut the leading edge into six pieces.  Two of those were bonded together to make the required thickness for matching the plexiglass lense.  Those two pieces were bonded inside the wing to form the edges shown.
The edges were cleaned up and sanded to fit after bonding.
Next I cut straight, flat strips of glass and those were bonded to the top and bottom at the back and filled.
The final bonding is cleaned and sanded.  The lense will next be tape in place and holes drilled for the mounting nuts

This is where life got in the way and progress stopped. I have finally stated to continue working on this and while the photo doesn't show much of a change, I have added glass to the inside to add strength to the mounting surface and added barriers at each end to enclose the opening.  A little sanding and primer and we are done.  You can also see the wiring is now run.  I will add some more as I progress.