Scott Stearns - TR-1 Project

I'm building a 2 place KIS in southern CA.  My project has a few modifications from the original.

The wing is carbon fiber (a really good deal on carbon prepreg fell in my lap a few years ago), the elevator is also carbon and is about 2" longer than stock, I switched to a center stick, and I have 4 fuel tanks for a total of 100 gallons.
A total rework of the rudder pedal system.

Aileron Bellcrank - I moved the aileron bellcrank out to the wingtip to make room for the fuel tank aft of the spar. A 4" dia. tube runs the length of the wing and passes the aileron push tube and possibly some wiring

Elevator Comparison - My elevator is carbon fiber and about 2" longer than stock. A stock elevator is shown for comparison.

Landing Gear - I did a flox release around the gear and steel strap bolts onto the release to lock in the gear. I left room for a 1/16" strip of rubber to wrap around the gear so the gear can still flex around slightly with the bolts full torqued. The rubber also keep the flox pad from being point loaded.