Ralf Twellmann - TR-1 Builder in Germany

Dear Bob,

I am a (the) kis builder from Germany and we met at Oshkosh in 2002. Perhaps you remember. Here are some pictures of my projekt which is on the airport now. If you like you can use them for your webside. I think the pics are self explainig. One picture shows my daughter Hanna (9 month) who, if the rule 90% done 90% to go is true, will do the first flight when she is 18 ;-)

Vacuum bagging of bagage compartment cover, construction of glareshield, simple mold and fabrication of panel cover.

The pdf is an article on the KIS which was published last month by the German "Fliegermagazin".

Regards from Germany

Ralf Twellmann

Magazine Article in German Magazine 2007 (PDF)

Magazine Article in German Magazine (PDF)