From: F. Tim Yoder

To: 'Ramona Yoder'

Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 10:44 AM

Subject: Nose Gear Failure Follow-up

My KIS is listed as Kit #47 on Rich's U.S. Builder's List. I purchased it in Dec. of 93. The nose gear is the modified design shown in KIS & TELL - Fourth Edition Vol. I Issue 4, December 1993. (See Attached.)

The two photos show the crack. It started right off the tip of the center gusset and actually went through the two side gussets, about 1/2" behind their tips. This is not clear in the photos. There was about 1/2" on the bottom of the tube that was not broken.

I only have 260 hours on the plane.

With Louis Amato's experience being the same, though I was much luckier, I think anyone with this gear design should inspect it immediately and redegisn theirs. This design is flawed.

Thanks to everyone who commented. I hope this might help someone else.