Lou Seno - Hendricks Door Latch Install in TR-1


Lou Seno is a local builder who has a completed 2-place. Over the winter he worked on installing the "Lyle Locks" as a retrofit into the 2-place doors.

The photos show the results prior to final filling and finishing, so you can see the modifications that needed to be done.

A view of his passenger side lock, with cover removed in the open (against the sky) position. You can see some of the mechanism that Lou had to make to keep the linkages parallel for the lock to work due to the tight fit.
Same side, with door closed, you can see more of the overall installation
A not too good shot (slightly out of focus) of the bushing that is bonded onto the door frame for the sliding pin to enter.
Exterior view, passenger side door, showing the modifications and changes that had to be done. Note the extremely good fit between the lock and the door skin.
Driver side door, in unlocked and closed position that shows the door frame bushing and holder mechanism.

I took these pictures when Lou flew up to my hanger at ARR, he was *extremely* pleased with the improved security, and the way the doors were cinched down into place by the positive locking mechanism. He has also given me a set of the drawings of the accessory pieces that he had to fabricate to get everything to work, but I haven't had time to scan them in yet.

Bill Schertz