Hans Christian Erstad - TR-1 #032

Encosed are some photos of my TR-1 #032. I am sending photos that are special/different for my TR-1. You can use them for your web side if you want.

Regards, Hans Christian Erstad                    

Hans has also developed a Pilots Flight Manual for the TR-1 which can be viewed, downloaded, and printed.  This is an excellent example which should provide a model for additional aircraft.

Pilots Flight Manual  Rev-1

Gomolzig muffler. This company delivers muffler kit for certified aircraft to comply with strict noise regulations in many European countries. I am doing this voluntarily. This muffler is used for engines up to 200 hp, and is quite big on a small two seat KIS.
Front view showing modification to cowling to get space for the exhaust tubes. These nostrils are also used for air inlets to cabin heat/cabin air/gascolator cooling. After ground tests I have modified again to make even better clearance between the exhaust pipes and the cowling. I can now get my fingers between the pipes and the cowl. With the IO240-A model it is not possible to shorten the exhaust tubes, so I had to do something to the lower cowl. The fact that the cowling was short did not help. I had to add an inch of foam to the front of the cowing in order to reach the spinner. If the cowling was an inch longer (at rear) so it reached the spinner, the exhaust interference problem would have been less. (was the cowl trimmed to much at the factory ?)

The air filter is the "standard" filter you find on most carburetor engines. The filter is bolted to the cowl, and on the back there is a modified heat box to select filtered/unfiltered air (in case of clogged or iced up filter). Air is then ducted to the engine intake.

Side view of cowl mod.
Trim tab (it ended up on the left side on this KIS). I have used terminated control cables of the same type as used for throttle.

Side view. Wing tip are red, and will add red to fuselage similar to the yellow on the TR-1 on your TR-1 page.

Keep It Simple door strut

Main spar tunnel cover and bottom fuselage to wing fairing attachments. The tunnel cover is bonded to the spar with foam in between.

Same as above but different angle

Cockpit area. I have put the fuel pressure and RPM indicator central position for the test flights. Will add gyros later.

Aft fuselage showing tubing where the trim control cable slide through.

Door strut with door in closed position

Aileron is shorter than flap. I guess I am not the only one