Geoff Older TR-1

This airplane took approximately 2500 hours to build part time over a 4-year period.  All of the componets were purchased new.  Construction began on June 25, 1997 and was completed July 15, 2001.  Final FAA certification was obtained in Aug. 2001 during the first inspection and the first flight took place Sept. 2, 2001.  Flight-testing was delayed due to 9-11.  Flight-testing began again in late Oct. 2001.  Final paint graphics was completed during Feb. 2002 and the 40 hours of test flights were successfully completed in April 2002.

Geoff Older

Length 22 ft
Wing Span 23 ft
Height (top of Tail)             7.25 ft
Frontal Area 9.0 sq ft
Cockpit Width 42 in
Cockpit Height 29 in
Empty Weight 1008 lbs
Gross Weight 1580 lbs
Fuel 100 LL 34 gal
Maximum Speed 216 MPH
Cruise Speed 75% 180 MPH
Stall Speed 60 MPH
Rate of Climb - Gross       1200 fpm
Range at Cruise 800 miles
Service Ceiling 15,000 ft.

Teledyne Continental IO 240B
Fuel injected, 4 cylinder opposed
240 cubic inch, air cooled engine,
developing 125 HP @ 2800RPM