Geoff Older TR-1

Left: This thing is starting to really take shape. The doors are on, wing almost done.

Right:  Landing Light
frame work complete.

Left: Wing fairing ready and waiting for
a wing.

Right:  Rear view
shows initial coats of
painting process.

Left: Ailerons and wing flaps painted.  Rudder and wheel
fairings can be seen
in background.

Right: Wing Tips
painted and ready.

Left:  Left side of the

Right:  Firewall and
nose gear mounting.

Left & Right:  Several
viewsof a beautiful
custom built instrument

Left & Right:  The
back side of the panel
really looks 

 Just like the rest of
the aircraft, it's not
so bad if you take it
one thing at a time.

NOW...if he could
just get the RED out.