Glass Cutting

It's a bit difficult to see but I mark a line on the
glass and then use 3/4 inch masking tape to bind
the glass along the line.
 I then cut the tape in half during the cutting operation.  The tape is left on and cut off after the glass is wet with epoxy.
My cutting table is a pool table in my den.  It is
really a nice way to layout the glass since it is
easy to smooth the glass and maintain a good
clean working environment.  It is also very easy
to work on cutting glass in any kind of weather.
I have used the table for making my patterns
and cutting the glass in bulk.  I match the
pattern to the glass, weigh it for determining the
epoxy required and store them in large ziplock
bags for future use.  It does cause some problem
with the bank shots however.

Here you see several packages containing
both patterns and pre-cut glass needed for
layups for installing the firewall and rear spar.
This and the photo at the left also show the hard
points required for the station 30.  One of the few
benefits of not getting the quick build option.