KIS Cruiser Completion Photos

John Petre -

TR-4 Builder in South Africa

John Petre First Flight - TR-4 Builder in South Africa

John has been a long term contributor to some great construction photos and building hints.  He was also the source for the Overhead Consoles, Wing Tip Lenses, and Landing Light Lenses which many builders will be using on their aircraft.  

It's not flying yet in these photos, but
the rebuild has been completed and
the results look GREAT!

Note!  The following are older photos of the first flights of John's plane with a Subaru engine.  Engine failure caused by engine control systems resulted in the following unscheduled landing.  The plane suffered some repairable damage but as can be seen above, is flying again with a new aircraft engine.

A Sorry Sight (John's Words) - The sad result of an engine failure...It will fly again though.

John Petre First Flight  (Before Rebuild) - TR-4 Builder in South Africa