Alfred Rosa - TR-4 Builder

Elevator Extension

Here are some photos I took of my elevator extension process with explanation.

I know some people are interested in how to do this.


1- I used a small angle grinder with a cutoff wheel to cut a 1/2" deep groove in
the elevator trailing edge.

A prelam strip of 5 ply graphite 2 1/4" wide was glued
into the groove with flox mixture.

2- 2 straight pieces of wood faced with clear packaging tape (for release)
were used during gluing to assure a straight edge and to align the prelam
with the chord line of the elevator.

3- Preliminary fill with Micro mixture. The more finished the better at this stage.

4- One ply of standard glass and 2 plies of fine glass cloth was applied staggered
to minimize the edges.  Then 2 coats of Micro mix troweled on with a wide sheet
rock trowel gets an even and smooth finish.

Fine sand to perfection.